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Virtually regardless of the kind of services you and/or your firm provide, there will be opportunities to do additional work for a client organization if you are able to build on the start that you have. You may be able to:

  • Do more work for the people you are already working with. This requires of course doing a great job on the work you have. While you are doing the work though, you can also attend to building the relationship you have started with the client. The more you listen to and help the client, the more they will trust you. As they trust you more, you learn more and get more opportunities to propose ways (for free and for pay) that you could help them. They can hire you again and again as the relationship deepens in conjunction with your good work.

  • Leverage your project to begin and build new relationships that will lead over time to work. While you are doing a project, you may meet people in the company who might be prospective clients or links to prospective clients in the company. You can also proactively reach out to the peers of your clients,using the desire to understand the business context as a reason for asking to meet.

  • Target people in the organization you could help. Your good work will provide the basis for a strong internal referral or an introduction you make yourself. Because you've worked in the company, your value proposition for this organization has gotten stronger; you know people inside now and understand the culture and how things work, on top of all the skills and knowledge you had before. Take the time to understand the challenges the rest of the organization is facing and who you could help. Then either ask your client for an introduction or reach out yourself to meet the right people.

To get more information about selling more to clients, click the link below.

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