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Business development is a continuous process. Most professionals who also deliver work have trouble fitting business development into their day. Having an easy-to-use system supported with customer relationship management (CRM) software makes it more likely that business development will happen even when you get busy.

CRM software (e.g., sugarCRM or many other competitors) can help you:

  • Track your contacts

  • Segment your contacts

  • Interact with your contacts in an organized and scheduled way

  • Generate reports on what is happening with your contacts

CRM systems are also great when more than one person from your firm is involved with a prospect organization; you can communicate what's going on via the CRM system.

Unfortunately, installing the software is not the challenging part -- using it well is. The biggest issues are

  • Deciding how much time to devote to maintaining relationships and to documenting them

  • Actually spending the time you've committed to

If you do use the system though, you'll be able to understand

  • How your activities compare against your plan.

  • Your pipeline of incoming work.

  • The state of your portfolio of relationships.

  • Your return on your business development investment

You can do much of this much more easily with a CRM system than without.

To learn more about building relationships with CRM, click on the link below.

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