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Many firms and individuals claim they will help you get the business development results you want. Who you should work with depend on who you are and what you want. The list below describes the kind of professionals for whom we are a fabulous choice. If you answer "yes" to these questions -- then you and we can work together very successfully.

Have strong service values – define own success by the success of your clients and your colleagues?

See yourself as actually or potentially as a business advisor and problem-solver, in addition to being a technical expert?

Want better business results?

Willing to try (not just hear about) a new approach in an important aspect of your business?

Can maintain a commitment?

Backsliding will occur, but the successful participant is able to try again when that happens.

Relationship-focused to some degree?


Sees relationships as valuable business assets, regardless of current relationship building skills?

Want help with maintaining commitments and interested in positive style of accountability?

We hold people to their commitments and aspirations, and guide them back when they steer away. But we always remain positive. We don’t “beat up” a participant for not meeting targets, and some people we’ve learned, want to be “beaten up.

Want to solve your problem, not hang on to it?

We can’t help those who deeply prefer to keep their problem.

Interested in having help and support in your efforts, but acknowledges that success depends on you own motivation?

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