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We're happy to provide you with additional information about many topics related to how professionals can do business development better. Follow these links and you'll be on your way to those resources


Clarify your value proposition

Who should you target and why should they buy from you instead of anyone else?

Start relationships

The major strategies for starting relationships and how to choose among them.

Maintain relationships

Methods for keeping in touch with people and nurturing your relationships.

Convert relationships to sales

Converting prospects by focusing on making the right decision for them.

Sell more to clients

Deepening and broadening relationships to uncover and address more needs.

Master relationship building

How to create a mutually valuable relationship.


Generate and nurture leads online

Using online marketing automation to find and nurture leads.

Build relationships with CRM

Use a customer relationship management system well to support business development.

Manage key clients

Investing to create a long-term beneficial partnership with important clients and prospects.

Measure business development

The critical measures you might want to track.

Successfully manage business development

The processes you can use to stay on track and identify opportunities for improving performance.

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