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Key clients are clients for whom you made a specific, important change in your usual approach. For these clients you work especially hard to give them what they need even if that means changing what your firm does.

Your goals in creating a special effort for key clients is to have a long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships between your firm and their organization. (in which both sides have invested and from which both sides get a return).

Successfully managing a key client requires a systematic process and approach as well as skills. Key steps include:

  • Understand your own firm and its capabilities and barriers, and get commitment to deploy the firm

  • Initiate a partnership

  • Understand their business (their strategies, tactics and initiatives) beyond what you currently do

  • Understand key players

  • Understand competitors

  • Establish a buying vision (how wonderful the world will be as you work together)

  • Develop a joint plan tailored to them

  • Execute your join plan well

  • Be a window into your own organization

Managing key clients in this way takes time and investment but can yield great results (profit, growth, impact) for both clients and professionals.

To get more information about managing key clients, click on the link below.

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