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You can time- and cost-effectively generate leads online and nurture them by using marketing automation tools in conjunction with your website. These tools let you understand what individual website visitors download or interact with on your website. You can then structure communications campaigns with them based on their “digital footprint”.

With this approach, you can capture enough information about who is looking at your content (especially their email address) to allow you to follow up. When someone downloads some information, it automatically launches a series of communications that you have designed to send to people who download that information; the communications are sent by the marketing automation software without intervention by you. As a result, you can identify and stay in touch with potential clients you wouldn't have known about.

The communications should give recipients chances to stop interacting by email and instead talk with you when they are ready. Then you can convert them -- now that they have come to know your way of working -- to being clients.

To learn more about generating and nurturing leads online, download our pdf.

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