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Only rarely will someone you have just met decide to hire you to do some professional work for them. In most cases, they won't be in the market for what you have to offer just at the moment you meet . To eventually convert this contact into a client you need to stay in touch with them.

Maintaining contact over a period of time (months or even years) with a portfolio of prospects requires a set of tools, a systematic approach and a commitment to spend the time to make it happen. You can mix phone calls, emails, serendipitous meetings, meals, commenting on their social media pages, and other methods.

A key tool is the "warm call," a periodic, thoughtfully executed phone call that communicates your interest in the prospect and provides you an opportunity to listen to them and be helpful to them. Try to actually talk to contact at least three times per year or you will fall out of touch with them and won’t really know what’s on their mind.

To get more information about maintaining relationships, click the link below.

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