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Business Development Tips for Professionals

For many years, Bridgewell Partners published a regular newsletter of Business Development Tips.  You can check out our archives here (published 2008 -2014).  You can read the newsletters on the site, and download each from its page on the site.

Topics include: 

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Starting relationships

Using video in business development

Using webinars as a business development tool

Start relationships with personal emails (and see who's reading them)

Contacting people effectively (with help)

Speaking and/or sponsoring to build business

Get out and meet some people

Do you need to add content to your business development mix?

Strategically donating your services to gain exposure (and build skills)

Reaching new prospects with valuable (for them) ideas

Being easy to find (and attractive)

Talking with (new) people

Growing your business with a network of allies

Starting relationships with a three-call approach to cold calling

Starting relationships is the first step in business development

Consciously building relationships

Staying in touch

Contacting people effectively (with help)

Overcoming the barriers to staying in touch

Do you need to add content to your business development mix?

Putting your prospects to work

Stay in touch, please!!

Being Helpful

When to provide something (and what) for free

Building relationships by being helpful

Dealing with setbacks

Getting relationships back on track

Other relationship building topics

Assessing the quality of your developing relationships

Creating trust

The 7 things clients need to know to be committed to you

Reflective listening - a critical business development skill

Get clients by focusing on their success

Ask questions and land a new client

Why professionals should consciously build relationships

How to systematically build strong relationships

Your value proposition

Why you are valuable - in your clients' words

Communicating your value

Thinking of new ways to be valuable

Defining your value proposition

Negotiating and reaching agreement to proceed

The Competitive Negotiation

Negotiating with your clients

Convert relationships to revenue

What to do when prospects drag their feet

Giving your client options

Qualifying prospects at the first meeting

Winning your deals

Client service strategy

Link to Client's Existing Priorities

Getting follow-on work

Getting more clients at a client

Doing the first meeting right

Broadening your base at an existing client

Business development strategy

Entering new markets

The right strategies to address your challenges

Sell to the kinds of markets you have

Choosing your clients

Eight strategies to launch 2012

Communicating how the prospect wants to communicate

Pricing Structures

The right business development strategy for you

Doing more with your key clients in 2011

Creating service offerings and products

9 key ingredients for your 2010 business development plan

Four vital tasks drive account management plans for tough environments

Seven strategies for professionals during a recession

Managing business development

Starting and building prospect relationships with marketing automation

Managing business development

Measuring Business Development

Win loss reviews

Setting up a system for business development (Part 1)

Setting up a system for business development (Part 2)

Measuring your business development performance

You as a professional

Succeed as a T-shaped professional

Strategically donating your services to gain exposure (and build skills)

How your professional vision affects business development

Know more about clients' businesses to get more business

Other topics

Creating demand for your professional services

Finding and nurturing contacts online

Starting to understand your side of the equation

Starting to understand the client's side of the equation

Succeeding by doing what clients really want

Creating and sharing intellectual capital for maximum impact

Building your managerial skills (so you'll be better at business development)

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