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Bridgewell Partners has been working with professionals since 1999 on improving their business development performance. We help our clients start relationships, maintain those relationships and convert them to sales.

Our clients discover that they can find a style of successful business development that they can be comfortable with – that feels good to do. We have worked with both large and small firms.


About David Friedman, Principal

David is an expert on the areas of business where problem-solving and relationship building overlap. By simultaneously delivering economic value and relationship value he helps Bridgewell Partners’ clients learn to do the same.

Prior to starting Bridgewell Partners, David was a partner at McKinsey and Company, the global management consulting firm. He helped clients tackle strategic, operational and organizational problems in financial services, transportation, utilities and other industries. He came to be a student (and then a teacher) of what it takes to successfully win the trust of someone through how you work with them before and during professional assignments. He’s spent the last decade expanding and applying this knowledge.

David is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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